Chapelwood Dining Station Mesh Tray

ChapelWood Dining Station Mesh Tray

ChapelWood's range of Dining Stations are designed to hold all of your hanging feeders - great for the likes of tits and siskins, but what about other birds? The ChapelWood Dining Station Mesh Tray is the perfect way to provide seed and treats to birds that prefer to take their food from a surface rather than from a hanging feeder, and can quickly and easily be attached to any ChapelWood Dining Station for an additional food source. Made from tough, durable metal, the tray includes a removable dish for easy cleaning, along with a bracket for quick, effortless attachment to your Station.

ChapelWood Wildlife Care

Established over fifteen years ago, ChapelWood has grown to be one of the world's largest and most successful producers of wildlife products. Specialising in wild bird care, our products continue to display the commitment to innovation and quality that lies at the heart of the business.

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